2ndLife Boutique

Selling your items...for you!
Saving them from the landfill!

2ndLife Boutique sells your items for you! Have items at home that you keep saying I should sell them or just donate them? Let us help you, by giving them a 2ndLife and save them from the landfill!

We have already sold hundreds of items from vintage items, clothes and housewares. We list in upto 8 selling platforms and will do all the work to sell the item.

We can come to you, to get the items to sell. Will treat them like our own, and sell them for as much as we can.

You just earn money, we do the work.

How You Make Money

After the item sells, you will receive 40% cut of the profit. We receive the other 60% for all work we do to get the sale and to store your items. Read above for the process of how getting the sale works. CLICK LEARN MORE - for must knows about the service.

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How it Works

We sell your items, store them, pack them, ship them. After the sale, we pay you out a percent of the final profit! Contact us at the bottom of the page. CLICK LEARN MORE - the process

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Where We Sell

We list items in upto 8 different selling platforms depending on your items. Also can partner with two different local consignment store for large items or furniture. (Both take different items) Also Wears Like New for clothing and accessories if needed. -Will discuss that contract when needed. CLICK LEARN MORE - where we sell

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  • Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States